Tuna belly in olive oil

The best tuna in the Atlantic, caught with traditional fishing gear such as rods so as not to harm other species.

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Tito is not just a name.

Tito is a man who was born, grew up and lived by the sea.

He had the immense good fortune of arriving in this world in the Arosa estuary in Galicia, and the estuary has been his home since he was very young.

He learned from his father, also a sailor, all that the waves and the sand have to offer.

He forgot his childhood immersed in its salty waters and grew up learning its wonders.

He fought for his family from an early age and created his own, always hand in hand with the waves.

Knowing the estuary taught him to love its products, to know its times, sizes and flavours... Its places and textures.

Tito now makes the sea ours too. Packing it with delicacy and care in the choice, to show us the Ría from the inside.

Tito is not just a name.


Ingredients: Tuna belly, olive oil, salt
Nutrition facts for 100g: Calories 225 kcal / 1226 kJ - Fat 23,4g - from this saturated fat 4,3g - Carbohydrate 0,5g - from this sugar 0,5g - Protein 20,8g - Salt 0,5g
Placing on the market: Porvaz Vilagarcía S.L., Rúa/García Caamaño, No 23, ES-36600 Vilagarcía de Arousa