Hierbas mesclades Premium

Hierbas mesclades Premium

The classic traditional Mallorcan Hierbas of the highest quality. Medium dry, with pickled herbs in the bottle.

Lemon verbena, camomile, orange, lemon, rosemary, lemon balm and wild fennel are macerated and give the Hierbas its distinctive taste.

Made in a small traditional distillery in the south of Mallorca.

Shipping only to Spain and Germany.

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Hierbas de Mallorca is an aniseed-flavoured alcoholic drink that is essentially obtained by extracting the aromas of various plants on the island, such as fennel, rosemary, lemon verbena, camomile, lemon, orange and lemon balm.

The prehistory of Hierbas can be traced back to the monasteries, where the monks produced a wide range of brandies and spirits from herbs and fruits.

In the mid and late 18th century, Mallorcan farmers produced herbal liqueurs on their estates and there were many stills that produced the aniseed-flavoured schnaps - the alcoholic base for hierbas.

As a result, liqueur industries emerged with considerable production, although it is still very common today to make Hierbas at home for one's own consumption, with traditionally handed-down recipes according to each family's taste.

Aniseed-flavoured Hierbas has always been very popular in Mallorca, both professionally produced and homemade. In 2002, the regulation of the geographical designation Hierbas de Mallorca was passed, which on the one hand protects the geographical name, on the other hand prevents unfair competition and guarantees the quality of the product. There are three types: dry, medium dry and sweet.


Amount: 700 ml
Alcoholic strength: 32% vol
Placing on the market: Suquers Artesans S.L., Carrer de Sant Francesc 73, ES-07620 Llucmajor, Mallorca