Honey with almonds

Almonds in Thousand Blossom Honey.

Super delicious in fruit salad, for breakfast, over ice cream.

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Unfortunately, our beekeeper Toni has to make many changes at the moment. For example, in future he may only state the origin of his honey as "Spain" and no longer as "Mallorca". He has to carry out expensive, nonsensical additional analyses and much more. We can thank the EU food directives, which time and again put small producers at a disadvantage. Therefore, we have only a few honeys from him available at the moment.

Honey is a natural product, which means it can vary in colour, consistency and also slightly in taste. For example, in the case of non-industrially produced honeys, crystallization is not only a normal process, but also a quality feature.

Who would like to have the honey liquid again, simply put the jar in a warm water bath.

By the way: Toni, from whom we obtain this honey, does everything himself: He looks after the beehives, "harvests" the honey and fills the jars by hand. Sometimes his wife helps him. There is only very little of his honey, that's why we are missing some varieties from time to time.


Ingredients: Honey from different blossoms, ALMONDS
Nutrition facts for 100g: Calories 510 kcal / 2128 kJ - Fat 31,1g - from this saturated fat 2,7g - Carbohydrate 47,9g - from this sugar 34,8g - Protein 9,6g - Salt 0,03g
Allergens: Almonds
Placing on the market: Toni Cerdà, Carrer Font, 70, ES-07620 Llucmajor