Afrutada / fruity

Afrutada / fruity

Very fruity spice mixture from our own production. The proportion of over 60% high-quality dates in combination with dried tomato and Mallorcan Tap de Corti results in a great, completely different Mediterranean taste. E.g. as a dip for bread or for grilling with an intensive aroma.

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Preparation of a Dip to be served with Bread, fresh Vegetables or a Barbecue:

Mix 1 spoon of the spice mixture with 2 spoons of water and let it pour for 5 to 10 minutes. Add 2 spoons of olive oil and crème fraiche as is your taste.

Information on durability:

Regardless of the real durability, which is much longer, our spice mixture Afrutada usually has a shorter best before date (between 5 and 12 months) than our other spice mixtures. This is due to the date flakes we use, which we can only buy on a corresponding best before date.


Ingredients: Date, tomato, Tap de Corti, garlic, Flor de Sal (from Menorca), parsley, black pepper
Placing on the market: sol y tierra, C/ Calvari 11, ES-07460 Pollença