Mel de Taronger - Orange Blossom

Mel de Taronger - Orange Blossom

Fine orange blossom honey.

Due to the unavailability of honey from "our" beekeeper Toni (info below), this honey comes from beekeeper friends of Toni from mainland Spain (Catalonia / Valencia).

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Unfortunately, our beekeeper Toni has to make many changes at the moment. For example, in future he may only state the origin of his honey as "Spain" and no longer as "Mallorca". He has to carry out expensive, nonsensical additional analyses and much more. We can thank the EU food directives, which time and again put small producers at a disadvantage.

Unfortunately, Toni is so upset about these measures that it may be that he will no longer produce honey in the future. We are in discussion with him.

At the moment, Toni and his son Biel have included honeys from friendly beekeepers on the Spanish mainland in their honey range.
We have tested these honeys and we find them very good and tasty in terms of quality and taste - just as Toni's honeys always were.

Since the taste and quality convinced us and we don't want to leave Toni and Biel hanging in this situation, we have included these honeys in our webshop.

Honey is a natural product, which means it can vary in colour, consistency and also slightly in taste. For example, crystallisation in non-industrially produced honeys is not only a normal process, but also a sign of quality.

If you would like the honey to become liquid again, simply place the jar in a warm water bath.


Ingredients: Orange blossom honey
Allergens: May contain traces of nuts
Placing on the market: Gabriel Cerdà, Carrer Font, 70, ES-07620 Llucmajor